ELAC MRC901 Miracord 90th Anniversary Turntable (Gloss Black)

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  • Inert MDF chassis Precision platter with minimal friction
  • Isolated motor and sophisticated suspension
  • Advanced carbon-fiber tonearm
  • High-resolution moving magnet cartridge
  • Exquisite materials and finishes
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ELAC celebrates its 90th anniversary by saluting the Golden Age of stereo when turntables reigned supreme. The legend of ELAC’s Miracord turntable lives on today, with dealers and customers constantly asking when the ELAC loudspeaker family will finally include a turntable. The resurgence of vinyl has created a groundswell of enthusiasm among audiophiles and even casual listeners, and for those with roots in hi-fi, the ELAC Miracord remains an iconic name from the era of the long-playing disc.


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